2022 LIMITED PRERELEASE: Splash Dance™ Calypso Cherry and Violet Vogue

We’ve teamed up with Danziger for another exciting pre-release in 2022!

Due to release in 2023 but available to order from Mast Young Plants in 2022 is Splash Dance™ Calypso Cherry and Splash Dance™ Violet Vogue. Growers report strong retail sales of novel petunias, and Calypso Cherry and Violet Vogue are the newest planned additions to the popular Splash Dance™ series.

Danziger is one of the leading breeders of petunia genetics. Bred in Israel in extremely high temperatures, their petunia varieties feature outstanding garden performance. Splash DanceMagenta Mambo was a top performer and visitor favorite in our 2020 trial garden and we’re excited to grow the newest additions to this series in our 2022 trial garden. We’re pleased to offer them to you to try in your own garden center this spring!

Calypso Cherry and Splash Dance feature a mounded habit. They will grow well in landscape beds as well as gallon-size or larger baskets, pots, and combos.

Tags included | Limited availability | Available in our split 51 tray beginning Week 9/February 28, 2022

Download our Splash Dance™ Calypso Cherry and Splash Dance™ Violet Vogue flyer by clicking here. Contact your preferred broker to order.

Splash Dance Calypso Cherry