Trial Gardens at MYP

Our “Living Catalog”

We’re proud to to offer our customers, sales representatives, and breeders the opportunity to experience our program offerings live at our Trial Garden. The Mast Young Plants Trial Garden serves as our “Living Catalog” and includes all of the varieties offered in our liner program from over 25 breeders.

The 2020 Trial Gardens feature:

Over 100 genera including 150+ new additions,

2000+ varieties,

500+ combination planters, pots, and hanging baskets,

20 raised beds,

and one amazing team!

All varieties are sorted by genera and are clearly labeled, offering visitors a unique opportunity to compare size, color, and vigor in order to make informed selections and to select the perfect plant for their needs. MYP also displays more than 400 different custom combinations shown in hanging baskets and in containers throughout the display gardens. Each combination lists each “ingredient” so customers can recreate their favorites!

2020 Top Garden Performers

Your guide to the latest annual varieties from around the world! Learn about which varieties exhibited excellent garden performance along with consumer favorites.

Download the 2020 Trial Garden Report here.

The Michigan Garden Plant Tour

The Mast Young Plants Trial Garden is also a destination on the Michigan Garden Plant Tour! This is a free, coordinated open house of leading young plant producers of ornamentals and Michigan State University. The objective of the tour is to educate growers and industry professionals about new and existing garden plants and how they perform in different settings.

Greenhouse growers, landscapers, garden center operators, and nurserymen are invited to participating tour sites during the two week period.

The Michigan Garden Plant Tour takes place during the last week of July and the first week of August each year and the 2020 tour is scheduled for July 27-August 7.

Expect to learn about a wide range of ornamental crops, including popular commercial brands of annuals and perennials. This is a terrific way to observe plant performance at different locations and grown under various conditions, both in the ground and in containers.

2020 Visit Guidelines

Our Trial Garden is open mid-July though mid-September

Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4PM.

Take a day trip and come visit! Schedule your private tour or event today. We offer shaded sitting and meeting space areas with wireless internet. Our knowledgeable and helpful  staff is eager to welcome you to our trial garden and we are happy to assist you with any questions.

Please check back here for updates to tour schedule and operations based on public health guidelines.  While we fully anticipate welcoming guests to the gardens this summer, we may be making adjustments to our plans in order to safely accommodate our guests.   

  • MYP has always hosted trial garden guests with an onsite air-conditioned restroom, cold drinks, and lunch served daily. Due to COVID-19, we will be increasing the frequency of restroom cleaning and sanitation.  We are pleased to offer cold drinks and snacks in single-use sealed containers.  We are not planning to cook or serve lunch this summer, but hope to have the grills serving  up lunch again in 2021.
  • We will provide single-use pens, pens, hand sanitizer, and our 2021 catalog that we’ll ask you to take with you when you leave.
  • Our visitor log averages about 40 people per day, allowing plenty of space for everyone to social distance while enjoying the acre-and-a-half garden trial area.  With Michigan’s current public guidelines allowing gatherings of up to 100 people in outdoor spaces, we expect to safely accommodate new and returning garden visitors.
  • We will ask people to maintain appropriate social distance.
  • We plan to increase photo documentation of the garden, allowing for a virtual trial experience for anyone unable to or uncomfortable with travel.
  • We have always enjoyed hosting tour buses, but we will not be hosting them this year in order to better facilitate social distancing.  We look forward to welcoming our bus tour groups back in 2021.
  • Broker groups are asked to please make a reservation for a private event.
  • MYP reserves the right to limit the number of visitors any given day in order to ensure a safe experience for all guests.
  • Large, open outdoor space is naturally conducive to physical distancing; masks are optional.

Dates and plans for visits to our 2021 Trial Garden will be determined in the spring of 2021.

Located at 3525 Bristol Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544.

Evening and weekend self-guided tours are available!

For more information, please call us at 800.541.3910 or email

All-America Selections Trial Ground

We have been an All-America Selections (AAS) trial site since 2012.

For more information about AAS, click here.

2020 Combo Trial

Our innovating department’s annual comparison trial evaluated in 2020 all breeder combos not included in our 2021 catalog that we might consider for our 2022 program.

Top Combos:
1. Surdiva® Disco Diva by Suntory Flowers
2. Beedance® Bee Daring by Suntory Flowers
3. Kwik KomboTM Spring Sunset by Syngenta Flowers
4. Sunpatiens® Summer Salsa by Sakata
5. Kwik KomboTM Summer Fun by Syngenta Flowers