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MYP is a young plant rooting station. We take cuttings from suppliers and farms from all over the world and sell the hand-stuck rooted liners through our broker partners. The printable reference sheets and flyers below provide additional information about our new varieties and ordering information for customers, brokers, and sales representatives.


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New for 2022!

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Did you open your box and find geraniums that are yellowing? Don’t panic! Plant immediately! Check out our experience with yellowing geraniums in this MYP Guide, Trouble Shooting Geraniums.

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Troubleshooting Geraniums (Yellowing)


Picas Marketing MaterialePicas Online Availability Instructions

Our Live Availability can be a great tool for looking at plants that are available, however, it can be somewhat overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with how it works. Check out this step by step guide to working in MYP’s Live Availability using ePicas.

ePicas Online Availability Instructions – MUM VERSION

MYP has a couple different programs. Though Spring Liners are our most popular program, we also have a mum and aster program that can be viewed on ePicas Live Availability. Take a peek at how to check out our numbers!

Booking Orders with ePicas

Not only can you view our Live Availability with ePicas, you can also book an order instantly! No waiting for customer service to knowledge your order and you are guaranteed to get the available trays that you want!


Not sure how many tray can go into our Half or Standard Boxes? Check out this user friendly graphic detailing how many trays or assortments can be shipped in our custom boxes!

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