Making You Priority: Master Box Shipping

Innovative Value

Providing customers with the most reliable and economic shipping options is one of the ways that Mast Young Plants makes you priority.  Our innovative Mast Young Plants Master Box provides superior shipping quality and value to customers with qualifying orders.

Master Boxes are palletized shippers measuring 48″ long x 48″ wide.  They range between 21″ and 70″ tall and can be configured to accommodate varying numbers of trays.  Master Boxes weigh between 150 and 467 pounds, depending on order specifications, and are delivered by FedEx Freight service.

As Master Boxes are palletized shippers, we strongly recommend that receiving customers have a loading dock, forklift, or skid steer to offload the Master Box from the FedEx semi truck.

Master Box Qualifying Orders

Customer orders qualify for Mast Young Plants Master Box if they include:

  • More than 3 of our standard boxes (37 Split 51’s or 34’s), or
  • 13 or more Mega 50’s or 1801’s

Customers will not need to request Master Box for qualifying orders; our system will automatically assign qualifying orders to Master Boxes.  We will offer best alternate shipping options to customers without facilities able to accommodate Master Box pallet shipping.

Master Box Benefits

Economical Shipping:  Master Boxes offer customers a cost-effective shipping option for qualifying orders; those which meet tray minimums but don’t qualify for trucking minimums.

Pay Per Tray:  Whereas freight for our standard and half boxes is calculated per box, Master Box freight is calculated per tray, regardless of the number of trays included in the qualifying order.

Plant Quality: Master Boxes provide superior safety and protection for plants during shipping.  Master Boxes are compactly packed and stacked, and pallets protect plants from tipping and spilling during transport.


If you have questions about Master Box, or any Mast Young Plants shipping options, our staff is pleased to answer questions and provide solutions for you and can be reached via email ( or by phone (616.784.0583).