Spring 2025

MYP Vegetative Program: September 23, 2024- May 19, 2024 | Week 40-20

Offering genetics from the world’s leading breeders, our spring liner catalog offers more than 1500 varieties, geraniums, vegetative annuals, perennials, cut flowers and 200+ combo liners.

MYP’s pricing includes tags, royalties, and packing.

2024-25 Spring Liner Catalog

2024 MYP Catalog Cover

Retail-Ready Perennial Groundcover: We start and bulk up these perennials in the summer, overwinter them at near-freezing temperatures, and ship them to you with your last liner orders of the spring. Receive retail ready with handle and variety tags included. See pp. 132-133.

New Tropical Hibiscus Line: We’re pleased to introduce a very reputable line of tropical hibiscus from Aris, the Tradewinds® Series, p. 54.

Expanded Foliage Program: Select your favorites for standalone foliage programs and to create an exciting tropical look in annual combo containers. See pp. 128-129.

Succulent Mixed Trays: We’re refreshing this popular program with some exciting updates. For an easy bench display solution, our 32 cell Chick Charmlettes line features easy and attractive retail ready trays. We’re also adding two new succulents with limited availability into some of your favorite mixed trays for an exciting new look. See pp. 141-143.

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New Additions for 2024-25

As part of the 1500+ varieties available, we have selected over 130 new and exciting varieties for our 2024-2025 season.

  • Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno Double Orange
    Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno Double Orange

New for 2025: Expanded Perennial Groundcover Program

MYP will start perennial groundcover varieties in the summer and fall, overwinter them in our cold frames, and ship them retail-ready to growers in the spring. MYP grows all perennial groundcover varieties per our stringent young plant sanitation standards. Learn more here.

Combos Available Exclusively from Mast Young Plants in 2024-2025

Expanded for 2024-2025: Cut Flower Program

An expanded offering of vegetative cut flower varieties selected to bring a pop of excitement to cut flower gardens, including Gomphrena Ping Pong, Dahlia Karma Caroline, and more. Many cut flower varieties are from seed, but we’ve chosen nearly all vegetative varieties sure to give your cut flower offering some pizzaz. Chosen for their performance, reliability, and profitability, these can be mixed in your cut flower garden with traditional seeded items to give you a collection of outstanding options for you to choose. See pp. 126-127 in our catalog for additional information.

  • Achillea New Vintage™ Violet
    Achillea New Vintage™ Violet

Liner Tray Sizes

34 Strip Tray: Grown as a 34 and sold as a 33 (25mm), all zonal and ivy geraniums are grown and sold in this tray count.

Mega 50 Tray: Grown as a 50 and sold as a 49, the Mega50 is a larger cell size that is best used with vigorous plants grown in Ellepots.

1801 Tray: Grown as 18 and sold as 18 (70mm), the 1801 is our largest plug and tray size. It is used with Boston Ferns and our precooled Regal Geraniums.

51 Cell Tray: Our most popular tray size is the 51 cell tray. You will find most varieties available in this size. Grown as a 51 and sold as a 50, vegetative items are planted in Ellepots and seeded varieties are planted in loose fill.

288 Spikes: You asked and we listened! We’re offering our popular dracaena spike in our spring liner program! Multi-seeds per cell and grown as a 288 and sold as a 250!

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