Summer/Fall 2022

Mast Young Plants Fall 2022

Mum & Aster Program

April 18th, 2022 – September 12th, 2022 | Weeks 16 – 37

250+ Mums Including More Than 20 NEW Varieties!

We’re pleased to present Mast Young Plants’ fall mums and asters program, featuring a broad assortment of the latest genetics and innovative plants along with customer favorites. Mast Young Plants combines mum and aster varieties from multiple suppliers, along with two different tray sizes, to give you the best possible choices.

Mast Young Plants Fall 2022 Mum & Aster Catalog

Introducing Mast Young Plants’ Fall 2022 Mum & Aster Catalog, featuring all mum and aster varieties we offer along with popular accents for building combos. With color photos of each variety and information on bloom time, this is a great reference when ordering! 

Mast Young Plants Mum Catalog 2022

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Fall Companions

Seasonal Succulents

Available in 72 Cell Tray and features 6 different varieties of 12 each. Grown as a 72/Sold as a 72.

Mast Young Plants Fall Mum & Aster Liner Program

Tray Sizes

Split 51 Tray

51 Cell tray mums are not pinched. They are grown as a 51 and sold as a 51 (25mm plug)

Mega50 Tray

Mega50’s are pinched and grown as a 50 and sold as a 50 (40mm plug)

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