MYP Trial Garden Field Results

Must Have Varieties for 2019!

Our “Living Catalog” features more than 1,300 varieties from more than 20 of the world’s best breeders. That’s a pretty impressive lineup.

Of these 1,300 varieties, almost a quarter of them are new varieties that have earned a place in our 2019 catalog and deserve a place in your spring program.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our garden hosted hundreds of visitors this past summer. We were pleased that so many brokers, reps, customers, and breeders had the opportunity to visit this garden to see first hand what is new and exciting for 2019.

Earlier this month we released the results of our Annual Comparison Trial. In this trial, we grew more than 300 varieties of assorted coleus and verbena and our visitors chose their favorite! Stained Glass Royalty Coleus blew the competition away and has earned a place in our 2019/20 catalog. Meteor Shower verbena was extremely unique and very popular. This exciting variety will be moving into the next stages of trialing in our Innovating Department.

As the garden begins to wind down, we have taken some time to reflect on what went well, what challenges we faced, and which varieties are worth mentioning as we move into spring liner season. The following information has been forwarded to Grower Talks and we will be posting our favorite varieties on social media and our website. We encourage everyone to share this info with a sales rep or small business owner today!