2021 LIMITED PRE-RELEASE: Petunia Fun House™ Potpourri

We’ve teamed up with Syngenta to announce the next addition to our 2021 pre-release varieties: Petunia Fun House™ Potpourri!

Fun House Potpourri pot

Growers and customers who love novel petunias will eagerly anticipate Petunia Fun House™ Potpourri’s retail debut in 2022!

funhouse greenhouse

When breeding petunias for novel colors and patterns, some new varieties fit the plant growth habit of current series, such as Syngenta’s 2022 addition of Banana Candy and Mango Punch to their Sanguna® series.

However, not all new varieties fit into the plant growth habit of existing series — and Syngenta’s new Fun House™ series is designed specifically for those varieties! Potpourri is the first in this series of standalone outstanding varieties. Rather than being united by uniform plant habit, varieties in the Fun House™ series will be united by their individual distinctiveness, and consumers and growers can decide whether the unique habits and flower patterns meet their needs.

Due to the extreme popularity of novel petunias, we extensively trialed the performance of popular novel petunia series in our summer 2020 trial gardens. We encourage growers, when looking through our catalog, to look at the series performance and select the colors, patterns, and styles from the series that best suit their growing needs. However, the plant growth habit of varieties in the Fun House™ series should be evaluated individually rather than as a series.

Fun House™ Potpourri features a mounded habit and is recommended for containers, hanging baskets, landscapes, patio pots, and combos.

potpourri close up

Due for retail release in 2022, we have limited 2021 pre-release quantities available to order now!

Available in our popular split 51 tray beginning week 11/March 15.

Click here to download a Fun House™ Potpourri flier, and contact your preferred broker to place an order.