2022 LIMITED PRE-RELEASE: Headliner™ Strawberry Sky

We’ve teamed up with Selecta One® for an exciting pre-release in 2022!

Due to release in 2023 but available to order from Mast Young Plants in 2022 is Headliner™ Strawberry Sky, the newest addition to Selecta One’s popular “Sky” novel petunia series. Selecta One® introduced the uber-popular spotted petunia to market, and as a leader in petunia breeding, continues to advance novel petunias with improved colors, habits, and performance.

Strawberry Sky is the first rosy red color in the Sky series and features outstanding pattern stability and reliability. Grows well in gallon-size or larger baskets, pots, and combos.

Strawberry Sky is anticipated to sell as strongly at retail as other Sky petunias, and the addition of the red spotted petunia gives customers a festive red, white, and blue combination planter option using all Sky-type petunias!

Tags included | Limited availability | Available in our split 51 tray beginning Week 8/February 21, 2022

Download our Headliner™ Strawberry Sky flyer by clicking here. Contact your preferred broker to order.

Strawberry Sky Flier