2021 LIMITED PRE-RELEASE: Kwik Kombo™ Blueberry Twist

We’ve teamed up again with Syngenta for another exciting pre-release in 2021!  An MYP exclusive for 2021, Kwik Kombo™ Blueberry Twist was a 2020 summer trial garden favorite featuring three standout varieties:

Petunia Dekko™ White 
Petunia Shortcake™ Blueberry  
Verbena Lanai® Twister® Star Purple

Kwik Kombo Bluberry Twist

In our summer 2020 trials, Kwik Kombo™ Blueberry Twist stood out
all season long for its consistently strong performance and well-balanced color. It maintained its ball-shaped habit and featured excellent flower quality and color retention throughout the duration of the summer.

Blueberry Twist photo

This multi-stuck liner is available in our mega 50 cell tray. Limited availability starting in Week 12/March 22. 

Click here to download a Kwik Kombo™ Blueberry Twist flier.