Spring Liner Program

MYP Vegetative Program

September 30th, 2019 – May 15th, 2020 | Week 40-20

Offering genetics from the world’s best! Our spring liner catalog offers more than 1,500+ varieties, geraniums, vegetative annuals, perennials, combo liners, and 200+ liners. MYP offers the complete package: tags, royalties, and packing all included in pricing! Check out our catalog here or place an order on ePicas!

2019 Spring Liner Catalog

Download our 2019-2020 Catalog Here!

Check out our new Additions to the 2019-20 Catalog

We have selected over 200 new and exciting varieties for our 2019-20 season. Some highlights we’re really excited about include Grandaisy® Argyranthemum, Dahlia Sincerity, Constant Beauty™ Crush, Geranium Ivy League™, Lantana Hot Blooded™, and much more!


Succulents continue to be a nationwide best seller with no signs or slowing! We’re proud to say that we did NOT drop any succulent assortments but instead, we’ve added three new mixes! Chris Hansen is at it again with the introduction of Chick Charms® Citrus Sunrise, SunSparkler® Sedum Angelina’s Teacup, and Senecio Mount Everest.


Mast Fusion

We’re bringing it all together in this explosive product line. Featured in our popular Split 51 Tray, we’re offering 17 plugs of 3 different varieties. These new assortments are perfect for small growers!

Learn More About Mast Fusion Here


Liner Tray Sizes

34 Strip Tray

Grown as a 34 and sold as a 33 (25mm), all zonal and ivy geraniums are grown and sold in this tray count.

Mega50 Tray

Grown as a 50 and sold as a 49, the Mega50 is a larger cell size that is best used with vigorous plants grown in Ellepots.

1801 Tray

Grown as 18 and sold as 18 (70mm), the 1801 is our largest plug and tray size. It is used with Boston Ferns and our precooled Regal Geraniums.

51 Cell Tray

Our most popular tray size is the 51 cell tray. You will find most varieties available in this size. Grown as a 51 and sold as a 50, vegetative items are planted in Ellepots and seeded varieties are planted in loose fill.

288 Spikes

You asked and we listened! We’re offering our popular dracaena spike in our spring liner program! Multi-seeds per cell and grown as a 288 and sold as a 250!


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