Spring Liner Sizes

To best serve your needs, we offer an array of different size liner trays.

51 Cell Tray

Our most popular tray size is the 51 cell tray.  You will find most varieties available in this size. Grown as a 51 and sold as a 50, vegetative items are planted  in Ellepots and seeded varieties are planted in loose fill.

Split 102 tray empty



Mega 50  Tray

Grown as 50 and sold as 49, the Mega 50 is a larger cell size that is best used with vigorous plants grown in Ellepots.

Mega50 tray empty for CATALOG


18-01 Tray

Grown as 18 and sold as 18 (70mm), the 18-01 is our largest plug and tray size. It is used by us for Boston Ferns, as well for our pre-cooled Regal Geraniums.

18-01 tray empty used for CATALOG


34 Strip tray

Grown as 34 and sold as 33 (25mm), all Zonal and Ivy Geraniums are grown and sold in this tray count.

34 strip tray empty 3 strips