Sample Programs


There are so many benefits working with MYP but one stands out more than others: samples.

We partner with Selecta, Syngenta, and Westhoff each year to deliver multiple sample programs. Not only does MYP grow and trial new varieties to determine whether or not they should go in our catalog, but we also grow liner trays and prefinished pots of these new genera so we can offer them to our sales reps and customers.

This year, we offered FREE sample boxes from Syngenta to individual customers. These boxes included 51 trays and 34 strip geraniums of new items like Moxie!™ geraniums and Cabrio­™ calibrachoa.

Also, we grew 4″ prefinished sample pots from Selecta, Syngenta, and Westhoff and sent them off to various brokers and sales reps so they could have a first hand look at growing and seeing new varieties offered in our 2019 program.

Don’t miss out on a chance to take advantage of all of MYP’s great promotional programs next year because as always, we’re making you priority.