Young Plants

Our product line is comprised of many different genetics from all over the world, and we plan and choose the varieties that we think are cutting edge and offer them alongside our current top-performing standards.  Each year we search for new introductions, new breeding and improved varieties.

The Mast Young Plants team has worked hard to develop this year’s line up, and we have included many new varieties, unique colors and excellent growth habits for you to choose from.

Our service to you is to provide the best the industry has to offer in our quality liner selection.



2016-17 at Mast Young Plants brings many new and improved genetics to the market including our new group of Succulent Combos! Succulents are all the rave right now, a plant that is easy to care for and come in every shape size and color you could ever hope for. We are carrying three separate combination trays as seen above, “Tidal Wave”, “Coral Reef”, and “Coastal Sunset” all of which would be a valuable addition to your greenhouse.


Our latest addition to the 2016-2017 program is the Petunia Headliner Pink Sky, this stunning petunia is an early release from Ball Selecta. Similar to the incredibly popular Night Sky Petunia, it features a bright pink bloom with unique clusters of white that resemble a starry sky. So new, we weren’t able to add it into our catalog- this must-have petunia will be available this season! Download a PDF today!




Added to our program for the 2016-2017 season; Portulaca Colorblast Double series. Stunning double blooms on this portulaca are available in vivid colors of Orange, Magenta, Scarlet, and Yellow. Add a pop of heat loving color to hanging baskets or containers with these unique double blooms.

Also added to our spring lineup, Petunia Surfinia ‘Hearbeat’. This brand new petunia has beautiful white blooms decorated with a border of pale pink heart-shaped markings around the edge. This petunia is sure to be a popular pick in any garden center!




Added to the MYP 2016-2017 season, Lotus ‘Parrots Beak’ is a exotic summer annual. Featuring soft, silver-green trailing foliage and tropical red flowers resembling a parrots beak, this unique trailing plant adds flair to any container or hanging basket.




Added specifically for small growers in 2016-17, the Accent Combo Tray features an assortment of standard accent plants. Ideal for growers that don’t have a need for full tray counts- this 50 count tray contains a pre-mixed assortment of 5 popular accent plants; Helichrusum Variegated, Tradescantia Bridal Veil, Iresine Brilliantissima, German Ivy, & Glechoma Hederacea.



New Mixed Accent tray, brand new for 2016-17!










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