Vegetative Comparison Trials


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Our fourth year of comparison trials has just wrapped up and the results are now out from our blind trial, which focused on breeder-designed combinations from seven different breeding companies this year.  The trial contained 325 combinations including entries of Confetti Garden Mixes (Dummen Orange), Garden Party Combos (Dummen Orange), Kwik Kombos (Syngenta Flowers), Mixis (Danziger), MixMasters (Ball Flora Plant), Passion Combos (Westflowers), Trixi Combos (Selecta), and new combinations from Suntory.

Every year we feature many combinations in our display garden that are either breeder-designed combinations that we carry in our young plant program or are what we affectionately call “DeBerti Creations” (combinations designed by our Head Grower, Michael DeBerti, that use various varieties from our program), but this year we wanted to really take a close look at how the breeder combinations shake out in terms of garden performance and providing color throughout the season.  

Check out the photos below and click on the link to see the results from this year’s trial or from past trials if you missed those!

Combination Trial Results (2016)

Coleus Trial Results (2015)

Impatiens Trial Results (2015)

Dahlia Trial Results (2014)

Petunia Trial Results (2013)