Michigan Garden Plant Tour

The Michigan Garden Plant Tour is a coordinated open house of leading young plant and ornamental producers.  Greenhouse growers, landscapers, garden center operators, nurserymen, and media professionals are invited to visit participating tour sites during the two-week period from July 24 – August 4, 2017. You can expect to learn about and see a wide range of different varieties and combinations at any location you visit. Click here to visit the Michigan Garden Plant Tour website.


Mast Young Plants Trial Gardens is an essential stop on your tour of Michigan’s gardens.  Our trial garden is a living catalog of all we produce at Mast Young Plants, including material from over fifteen breeding companies comprising nearly 100 genera and over 1000 varieties. Not only is the display garden a must see, but also Mast Young Plants features a vegetative comparison and All American Selection garden that overflows with useful information for anyone in the industry.