Our Broker Companies

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 We ship nationally to all 50 States! Please contact one of our friendly and reliable broker companies to help you set up your order.  Thank You! 


Ball Horticulture Company  800-879-2255   

Ball Superior Ltd. 905-893-7101          

BFG Plant Connection 800-883-0234

Carlin Horticultural Supplies 800-657-0745

Eason Horticultural Resources 800-214-2221

Express Seed Company 800-221-3838

Florasource Ltd. 949-498-1131

ForeMostCo  800-421-8986

Fred Gloeckner & Co. 800-345-3787

Germania Seed 800-380-4721

Griffin 800-454-8159  800-454-8159

G.S. Grimes Seed Company 800-824-7333

Harris Seed 800-544-7938

Henry F. Michell Company 800-422-4678

McHutchinson 800-943-2230

M&M Flowers 260-301-1793

Messick Company LLC  408-871-9816

Mid Atlantic Plant Company 302-366-0349

Park Seed Wholesale (JPPA) 800-845-3366

Soos Grower Resources LLC 269-795-7890

Vandenberg Bulb Company  800-955-3813

Vaughan’s Horticulture 855-864-3300

Vis Seed 626-445-1233

Western Horticulture Products (WeHoP) 800-669-6480


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