Tiger Eyes Mum

Tiger Eyes by Dümmen Orange

You may have noticed in our 2019 Mum & Aster Catalog that Dummen Orange was getting ready to release something very special.

Well it’s here and MYP is excited to announce that Tiger Eyes have been added to our 2019 program!

Rumored as ‘Red Stripe’, this late intro is truly unique and is going to make a huge splash in the mum market.

This one-of-a-kind flower brings striped flowers the the world of garden mums and is great for impulse buys at the retail level. Tiger Eyes beautifully transition from an intense red to widening yellow stripes as the flower matures. This high vigor and long lasting variety has a week 36 natural season and is recommended for outdoor production or well-vented greenhouses only.

Available in a Mega50 or Split 51 Tray ship weeks 16-37, 2019.

Download Flyer Here!