Dahlightful® Dahlias Available for 2020

Featuring gorgeous double blooms set off by deep chocolate foliage and exceptional tolerance to most powdery mildew strains, Dahlightful® Dahlias are now available as rooted liners at Mast Young Plants!

Customers love Dahlightful® Dahlias because they can enjoy the gorgeous flowers all summer long. Plants continue to bloom from late spring through fall against a backdrop of colorfast dark leaves, while maintaining their compact, dense growing habit.

Retailers can take advantage of the rich, jewel-toned flower hues to stock late summer color for repeat shoppers. The Dahlightful® series from GardenGenetics®  keeps producing flowers from early through late in the season.

While these bloomers won’t sit on the bench at retail, should a slow weekend or two pass, plants will continue to produce new flowers to entice customers.

Beautiful in containers, Dahlightful® Dahlias are equally show stopping in the landscape.

While arriving too late for inclusion in our 2020 catalog, these are available to order.    Click here to check our live availability, and click here to learn more about other new varieties available exclusively through MYP.

Click here to download our Dahlightful® Dahlias flier.